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On 12th May 2015, as the country was in mourning from the shocks of the first earthquake, a second catastrophic earthquake of 7.3 magnitude struck Nepal. Villages and settlements far from Kathmandu have been devastated, and left without shelter, food, or emergency aid.

Thank you for your support. Without your support, it is not possible what we are and where we are now. We still working for cause. Please do support us.

Our Effort

25 doctors, engineers and volunteers - Gorkha and Sindhupalchoke

The BCCUK is raising funds to provide life-saving aid, emergency shelter, food, clean water and blankets to communities across the country. So far we have been able to send over 500 survival boxes, along with a team of 25 doctors, engineers and volunteers who have been on the ground supporting affected communities near the epicenter, Gorkha district and Sindhupalchoke area.

We have also been able to support smaller independent projects.

Ghangyul Village Project

Maya Lama came to our Aldershot Gumba distraught and in disbelief. What can you give someone who has lost her home?

What would you say to comfort someone who lost her Mother, Sister-In-Law and her baby and Mother-In-Law? BCCUK thought best thing to do is to reunite Maya Lama with her surviving family member ( Father and Brother). Thanks to all of you who donated, today Maya Lama has reached her Ghangyul Village with supplies and tents. There is no Banner saying BCCUK because this was combine effort of all of you, Buddhist, non-buddhist, English and Nepalese, every one of you. Thank you all.

I would like to thank, tireless and talented volunteers of NAYA YUVA and HELP Nepal. With out your enthusiasm and dedication it would be very difficult to achieve what we achieved today. Together we can achieve great things.

Project Ramechap. Bampti bhandar village.

12 May 2015 second mega tremor shook Nepal. Only road leading to four villages was made inaccessible by the landslides. We have also been able to send a private helicopter, two reporters with 100 tents for the People of Bamti Bhandar, Ramechap District as first responders following the earthquakes.

BCCUK coordinator Kamal Thapa contacts us with urgent proposal for Help on 14 May 2015. 1200 people was left with no food and no shelter for 2 days.

BCCUK pledges 500000 Nrs. Supplies and Tent is bought on credit and the flight money. As we were about to fly we are stopped by officials "only government agencies And reporters allowed to use helicopters". BCCUK coordinators Mr Kamal and Mrs Lakpa contacts two Kantipur Reporter to fly with the supplies. Mr Uday Mrs Lakpa's husband was in the village when tremor occurred. He was bruised and slightly injured. Despite his own personal safety he stayed there with the villagers and got this Project in Motion. first lot of supplies has been received and distributed by Mr. Uday and to this day Mr Uday is still with the villagers coordinating to receive rest of supplies which we are transporting through road, once it reopens.

We are trying to respond to every case with the utmost urgency. Without your Help we will not be able to reach the people who are hanging on to hope that someone will come for them.

Please come back here to see more updates.

Thank you all for your support.